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Saugatuck Youth Rowing Photo Info

In an effort to keep everyone happy, yet provide me with a way to recoup the time and effort of taking photos for you all, I have created private access galleries for parents and students to browse (and purchase) photos.

Anyone who would like access to the photos, please email me with your:

- Name

- Email Address

- Affiliation with Saugatuck Rowing Club

From there you will be granted access to the galleries

One more thing...

For every hour I am out on the bridges photographing, I spend a couple of hours editing, uploading and sharing the photos to Instagram.  Make no mistake, I am passionate about the photos I take, but this is still business for me.  If you like what I do, and want to support my work, the best way to do so is to buy a photo (digital or print) from me.  

There is no comparison between the photos you see on Instagram and a professionally printed product.  The printer I use is one of the highest rated in the industry and delivers time and time again for me and my clients.

Thanks in advance for reading this!


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