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Here are a few quick tips for success.  If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out.  We are passionate about photography and making sure you get the most out of your experience with us.


#1: Make sure you are well rested!

Nothing will make you look better than getting a good night's sleep the night before your appointment. Think of it like preparing for the first day of a new job or an important test.  Give yourself the best possible chance for success.


#2: What to wear

Clothes make the person.  If you look sharp and professional for your photos, that same confidence will come through in the images we create together.  A well-tailored suit or sport jacket and an ironed shirt or blouse that fits well is the standard for a professional headshot. Not sure what to wear? Bring a couple of options, we will be happy to make recommendations and help you choose what works.


#3: Posing and Expressions

A great many of our clients see working with a photographer as one step above (or below) visiting the dentist (no offense intended to any of you in the dental profession). There are ways you can practice before your session though.


Here are a couple of helpful posing videos from an amazing headshot photographer. Just like public speaking, posing is an unnatural act.  Be sure to practice in the mirror ahead of time.  Most importantly, relax and let us help and guide you. Making sure you have the best possible experience is our responsibility, trust us, you are in good hands.

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